We built a global, high quality 360º imagery dataset through smartphone crowdsourcing.

How does it work?

We have a network of anonymous amazing humans, our RealityMiners, who collect high resolution photos of urban areas around the world.
Each image collection is processed on-device through multiple computer vision networks to filter out fraud, low resolution, blurred, & other undesirable images.
Collections are submitted to a decentralized Validator network of nodes that aggregate data and run the pooled images through RealityCoin's Proof of Reality algorithm. RealityCoin tokens are minted to RealityMiners' wallets when  collections are verified.
Our Proof of Reality network is 100% anonymous and decentralized. Enterprise customers spend RealityCoin to use the RealityMap data, creating an efficient two sided marketplace.

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Earn With Us

RealityMiners can earn up to $45/hour using their smartphone to take photos of the outdoors. The process is always easy to learn, fast to setup, and on your schedule.
Join a network of thousands of RealityMiners that have flexibility with their schedules and earn in RealityCoin.
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Enterprise Solutions

Paying customers can access the RealityCoin data through our API interfaces and influence data collection locations through token distribution economics. Revenues from API requests burn RealityCoin and take coin out of circulation through the burn and mint process.
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