We’re Hiring!

We are Reality Platforms, the makers of RealityCoin. Our distributed team is kind, thoughtful, experienced in hard-tech, and ambitious. Our aim is to enable millions to earn a living wage and create new experiences from data of the real world.

Leadership Principles

Execution excellence
at scale

A high bar when executing is critical to delivering value-adding solutions, but figuring out how to scale that is important to have an impact.

Frugal efficiency

Efficiency matters when running fast growing business. Frugality and not wasting resources dovetails with earning trust and sound business decisions.

Be a great partner

We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. When it comes to business strategy, social impact, and investing, we try to identify synergies with others to maximize positive outcomes for all.

Share and educate

All businesses, charities, and endeavors begin with an idea. Typically new notions need to be marketed and explained to cross the chasm. As much as possible, we aim to share our ideals and strategies with others.

Make the right choice,
even if it's not popular

We don't aim to be contrarians, but we understand that not all our decision will be well understood or liked by the public.

Be on the right side of history

It's not enough to make history. History records all events— both good and bad. We care about being on the right side of history. The end result matters as much as what route we took to get there. We believe the best arbiter of right is time.

Seek and reward
diverse opinions

The well learned and educated don't hold a monopoly on knowledge. Different experiences accelerate our ability to triage the impactful ideas. We acknowledge at times this will introduce noise.

Hope in a more
prosperous world

We are long-term focused on creating sustainable earning opportunities for individuals globally.