Enterprise Solutions

Paying customers can access the RealityCoin data through our API interfaces and influence data collection locations through token distribution economics. Revenues from API requests burn RealityCoin and take coin out of circulation through the burn and mint process.

Custom Imagery Collection Requests on a Planetary Scale

Customers can request refreshed images in a specific geography and get new data in as short as a week with the RealityMiner network.
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Database Augmentation

Attach RealityMaps object data to your existing mapping and geospatial application. Our object and structural database are derived from the RealityMap imagery through custom trained computer vision machine learning models.
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RealityMaps for
Google Street View API

Static Maps API
Retrieve an image from the RealityMaps database of an address, coordinate, or address for display on a website or offline for raw processing.
Navigable Javascript SDK
Embed our Google Street View compatible Javascript API to your website. Users can interact with specifc starting location, zoom, pan, and swap locations.
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Metaverse-Ready Maps

Access RealityMaps with 3D point cloud mesh of buildings, landmarks, and physical objects. For use in VR apps, games, visualizing streets mapping applications, and training data for computer vision.
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